RAD Pneumatic/Air, Electric Torque Wrenches


RAD Torque Systems produces some of the finest, most precise torque tools found on the market today, Producing these tools for over 20 years, RAD Torque Tools have become the defacto standard when it comes to precision torquing and with features and refinements like 88 times less operating vibration, 85db operating noise level (OSHA: earplugs not required) and tools with torquing power up to 11,000 ft/lbs it is no wonder they have evolved into a leading manufacturer of quality torque tools.


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Pneumatic Torque Wrenches

Rad Pneumatic Torque Wrench Tool


Our highly accurate and powerful lines of pneumatic torque guns are just what your job site needs! With 4 different pneumatic series to choose from, finding the perfect pneumatic torque wrench for your project is simply a click or a phone call away.


Battery Powered Torque Wrenches

When you and your tools need to be uncorded and unencumbering, RAD Torque Systems Battery-Powered Torque Tools are the answer! Lightweight and extremely powerful, these battery-operated beauties can go anywhere you do. Looking to get these great torque tools delivered to you quick? Need more information? Simply fill out our easy quote request form or give us a call!



Electric Torque Tools

RAD V-RAD Torque Tool

RAD Torque Systems’ V-RAD Electric Torque Tools are great for projects where compressed air systems are not readily available! With an abundance of power available to you via a large torque dial and the lightweight ergonomic grip, getting the job done right has never been easier! Ready to buy or looking for more information? Simply fill out our easy online quote request form or give us a call!


Electronic Torque Tools

When accuracy and precision are paramount, we would suggest nothing else. Features like torque data collection, clear LED indicators, simple push-button torque selection and a muffled 75db noise level during operation make this a must-have torque tool for many projects! Ready to order? Need more information?  (213) 380-8049